Thursday, January 31, 2013

we don't live in the moment

I have been thinking alot about how as people....
we don't live in the moment. 
I know that sounds cliche and overused. 
To get this straight before I start, I'm not meaning this in a since of being crazy and wild...
i'm saying it in regards to always looking for something better or awaiting the day til something grand comes along, and not living all those days in between. 

I feel like for alot of my life, I have been "looking forward" to things.
 Counting down the days until something comes....It is GREAT to get excited about fun things happening in our lives and to be excited about the new things that are ahead of us.
 But, at the same time I feel like alot of my life I have spent waiting.
 Waiting for that one day or event to come. Well what happens to all those in between days?
 The days that go by unnoticed....the days where I do nothing but go to work and go home....Am I thankul for those days? 

I was cleaning up my house tonight, putting away laundry when it hit me...
these are the days I need to soak up every moment! 
Having a house to myself, being kid free, working at an incredible job, 
having a church that i love, getting to hangout with friends whenever i want, 
being able to cook everynight if i want to, or eat out if i want to, 
being able to stay up til midnight with music playing loudly, 
going to workout at night if i feel like it, being able to buy fun stuff to wear,
inviting people over, reading a book...or 20! 

This is my moment!
 Of course I look forward to having a husband one day.
and children and starting that chapter of my life. But, this is my life....everyday I live 
I have something to be thankful for. God doesn't have to let me wake up every morning, 
he doesn't need me by any stretch of the imagination.....but, he is choosing me to wake up 
every morning and to do my routine. I just suppose while doing my day to day life I will 
be more aware about how much I need to live in the moment, and not always be 
striving for the next big adventure. Keeping in mind that he has a specific plan 
for my life, and to not forget.....
the in between days.

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