Thursday, January 31, 2013

we don't live in the moment

I have been thinking alot about how as people....
we don't live in the moment. 
I know that sounds cliche and overused. 
To get this straight before I start, I'm not meaning this in a since of being crazy and wild...
i'm saying it in regards to always looking for something better or awaiting the day til something grand comes along, and not living all those days in between. 

I feel like for alot of my life, I have been "looking forward" to things.
 Counting down the days until something comes....It is GREAT to get excited about fun things happening in our lives and to be excited about the new things that are ahead of us.
 But, at the same time I feel like alot of my life I have spent waiting.
 Waiting for that one day or event to come. Well what happens to all those in between days?
 The days that go by unnoticed....the days where I do nothing but go to work and go home....Am I thankul for those days? 

I was cleaning up my house tonight, putting away laundry when it hit me...
these are the days I need to soak up every moment! 
Having a house to myself, being kid free, working at an incredible job, 
having a church that i love, getting to hangout with friends whenever i want, 
being able to cook everynight if i want to, or eat out if i want to, 
being able to stay up til midnight with music playing loudly, 
going to workout at night if i feel like it, being able to buy fun stuff to wear,
inviting people over, reading a book...or 20! 

This is my moment!
 Of course I look forward to having a husband one day.
and children and starting that chapter of my life. But, this is my life....everyday I live 
I have something to be thankful for. God doesn't have to let me wake up every morning, 
he doesn't need me by any stretch of the imagination.....but, he is choosing me to wake up 
every morning and to do my routine. I just suppose while doing my day to day life I will 
be more aware about how much I need to live in the moment, and not always be 
striving for the next big adventure. Keeping in mind that he has a specific plan 
for my life, and to not forget.....
the in between days.

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Thrifty Thoughts: Quilt Hutch

I did this project a while back, but since 
I have been working on projects this week that arn't QUITE completed I will post this 
one til that day comes! 

I knew that when the time came for me to have a place of my own....I wanted to find something 
to put all my quilts and bedding in. Some thing that could go in the living room that was easy accessible for when people come over and need a blanket for the couch or a quilt while watching a movie. 
But, I also knew I did not want to spend a fortune on it! 

I came across this beauty of a piece at my work! 
They were going to throw it out because of the condition of it...
sooo I gladly took it off their hands for FREE99!!!!!
 It did need some work....but I saw potential! 

Before: As you can see the handles were off, the back was actually flimsy cardboard that was
falling off aswell. 
I used my handy drill and screwed a new board on the back of the chest so that it would
be more sturdy and not janky looking :) 
Painted it all white with the inside a light gray 
Taped off the chevron. If I were to do it again I would probably have been 
a little more precise, but I just free handed it...haha makes it unique.
I painted horizontal stripes on the bottom two drawers....then used 
the sander to make it distressed. 
FINISHED!!!!! I love the turnout!!! 
In the home, hope you all enjoy!!! :) 

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: 1.30.13

What I Wore Wednesday: 

This outfit is a STAPLE for winter, since it doesn't get too cold 
here in the south, a little layering does just the trick!!! I love how comfy and relaxed it is 
but still looking put together :) 

Cardigan: forever21
White pocket T: target 
Leggings: H&M
Scarf: American Eagle 
Boots: Dilliards 
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

comparison-the thief of all joy

"Comparison-the thief of all joy"

Tonight, my pastor made this quote in service, 
and it really had me thinking about how much those 6 simple words impacted us everyday. 
In day to day life I compare...
I compare myself to the girl next to me at the gym, 
I compare my clothes to people at work,
 I compare my car to the person driving beside me, 
I compare my hairstyle to the girl setting in front of me at the movies humans in the raw....we compare. 
But, whenever we are always looking to the person beside us and not what God is calling us to be....thats when we loose Joy. To be happy in the state we in and not to strive for the things that we don't obtain. 
 joy |joi|
feeling of great pleasure and happiness tears of joy the joy of being alive.

In the bible(niv) the word "Joy" is used 244 times....Gods desire for us is to be JOYFUL and glad. But, pure Joy cannot be obtained on our own, no matter how much we strive for it, Joy is the fruit of a right relation with God. I hope that my life exudes Joy to where people can see that there is something different in me. I am always going to be human and full of sin, but by the grace of God I hope that I can keep my mind set on the things of him, and not in constant comparison.

psalm 97:11-12
Light shines on the righteous and JOY on the upright in heart. 
rejoice in the Lord,
you who are righteous and praise his holy name.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

monday memories-water buffalos

Haha ok now before reading this post....please don't judge me, as I would do anything for one of my babies...

One of my favorite memories of this week was when my mom called me on the phone one afternoon while I was at work. She had my little nephew(Jake) for the day because he wasn't feeling well, on this afternoon he asked my mom to call me because he wanted me to sing him the "water buffalo song"...In case any of you havn't watched veggie tales, that is a song that they sing...ANYWAY so while I am at work I bust out in my rendition of the "water buffalo song",  once I finish I listen and he says mom then comments about how he is just staring at the phone....all of a sudden I hear this squeeky little voice in the background singing his heart out! :) Even from miles away, I love the memories of little voices, and technology that lets me sing when there sick! 


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#11-to have the recourses to help people

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrifty Thoughts-Rose Painting

Thursday, time for Thrifty Thoughts!!! 

I have been wanting a painting to hang above my bed for quite some time now, 
I knew I wanted the painting to have cool tones and something unique....
I looked on multiple websites, I found a couple that I really loved,
 however I was NOT about to throw down $200-300 bucks on a painting.
SOOO I went to hobby lobby and picked out a canvas that I thought would fit above the bed. 
I picked one which cost me $20(with my 40% off coupon) and all the paint I already had previously 

The idea was to make it have a cross stitch effect with paint, incorporate cool tones, 
and make it something that looks inviting and not forced....

Finished product!!!!! 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

church-all sons and daughters


 Last night for our 2013 church kickoff they
brought in "Sons and Daughters". I have never heard of this band before last night but 
was PLEASANTLY surprised when I heard them! They are a Christian band(obviously) but 
there voices mesh so well together and what I loved is that it was simple instrumentals. They 
had a piano, kickdrum, guitar and cello....simple, but VERY good!!! 

Hope you ENJOY :) 

#4-the rich sound of a cello 
#5-a precious niece EMMA who turns five today
#6-true long lasting friendships, even from a thousands of miles apart 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1000 gifts

I have started a love of reading here in the past few months, 
I don't have a TON of time to read but I normally bring a book to the gym 
and read while I am on the elliptical or treadmill. It makes the time 
go by faster AND i'm learning so much! 

The book I am currently on is called 
"One Thousand Gifts"
by: Anne Voskamp


I am only on the 5th chapter, but I already know it will be one of my favorites! 
Anne talks about her life and how writing down a couple things each day of things she is HAPPY for, cheers her up and gets her mind set on the positive things in life and all the wonderful things God has given her, rather opposed to living life feeling sorry for ourselves or lusting over the things we don't have. On a day to day life I normally try and find the good in everything, I try to find the small insignificant things and be thankful for them...but like everyone I get into the "selfish humanity mode" and always need a gentle reminder that God has given me everything I have as a...GIFT. 
I love reading books like this because its so inspiring to see how the little things in life effect
the bigger parts of our lives. 

So today I start my list of 1,000 gifts that God has given me......

#1-the smell of fresh cut grass
#2-a hot cup of tea at night
#3-three day old hair 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifty Thoughts

Thrifty Thoughts 

My idea this week is.....TACO SOUP :)
 I made a HUGE batch last week and I loved the fact that it was SO easy and so economical! Once I got it all cooked up and cooled slightly, I separated it into ziplock baggies and put them in the freezer for a quick and easy meal. Of course if you have a bigger family it might feed you for one or two meals but since I cook for only me...this portioned me out 16 snack-size ziplocks full!! Turns out its AMAZING!!!! There are nights when I get home from work and do not want to cook a meal for just I pull out a ziplock and heat up in 4min! :)

Taco Soup
2lbs Ground Turkey (browned)
1 can Rotel 
1 can Stewed Tomatoes 
1 can Whole Corn 
2 can Ranch Style Pinto beans 
1 can Ranch Style beans 
1 can Kidney beans 
1 packet dry Ranch Dip 
1 packet Taco Seasoning 
1-2 cups of Water

Brown your meat.....than just add your remaining ingredients and heat! 
Most of the time I don't stick to this certain recipe, I just add whatever I have 
in my pantry! 

TIP-When you lay the baggies in the freezer lay them on their side to freeze 
or else the soup goes around the plastic and its HARD to rip it off when you want to heat it up. 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

back to the salt grinds...

"Back to the salt grinds" 
as my dad would say.....

I got asked by a friend on my drive back home if I was sick of being in the car after 7hrs,
 and frankly I said...NO!!! Because, I knew once I stepped in the door my mind 
would be going in a million directions of things things that needed to be cleaned, 
or stuff that needed to be done.Today, was a prime example of what that looks like... :)  

My priorities consisted of...
Working, getting all my Christmas decor taken down and put away,
 Unpacked my bags, Laundry washed and put away, dry cleaners, cleaning out the fridge, 
mopping the floors, making a big pot of  taco soup(which I portioned out and froze for quick meals), cleaned the bathroom and finally preset my coffeepot for the morning. Hahaha my life is anything but glamorous, most blogs I read their house seams soooo perfect
 and put together, It really is beyond me how families with children keep everything organized 
and cleaned....I am only one person and I always seam to have stuff that needs to get done! 


At the end of the day I shouldn't be thinking about the burden of work, 
but rather thankful that I am blessed enough to have STUFF to clean. 
I am thankful for being able to buy christmas decor, I am thankful for clothes to wash, 
somewhere cold to put my food, wooden floors to mop, delicious food to eat, 
a bathtub with hot water, and as much coffee as I want.....and many many other things....
even though it is ALOT of work and sometimes seams daunting for just myself, 

I'm thankful for the salt grinds.