Monday, January 28, 2013

monday memories-water buffalos

Haha ok now before reading this post....please don't judge me, as I would do anything for one of my babies...

One of my favorite memories of this week was when my mom called me on the phone one afternoon while I was at work. She had my little nephew(Jake) for the day because he wasn't feeling well, on this afternoon he asked my mom to call me because he wanted me to sing him the "water buffalo song"...In case any of you havn't watched veggie tales, that is a song that they sing...ANYWAY so while I am at work I bust out in my rendition of the "water buffalo song",  once I finish I listen and he says mom then comments about how he is just staring at the phone....all of a sudden I hear this squeeky little voice in the background singing his heart out! :) Even from miles away, I love the memories of little voices, and technology that lets me sing when there sick! 


#10-efficient mondays 
#11-to have the recourses to help people


  1. Jake loved your singing, but the story gets even funnier because he got a bit frustrated at the lyrics. "Mine is fast and yours is slow". Well, every time I sang the song he thought I was saying his water buffalo was slow and mine was fast. Ha!! "No, Gramma, MINE is FAST!!!" Love those little people!

    Thanks for being a great Aunt Bekka!

    1. haha thats really funny!! Of course yours can't be the fast one mom...that would be silly! :) agreed i love those little people!!! :) Love you momma