Wednesday, January 2, 2013

back to the salt grinds...

"Back to the salt grinds" 
as my dad would say.....

I got asked by a friend on my drive back home if I was sick of being in the car after 7hrs,
 and frankly I said...NO!!! Because, I knew once I stepped in the door my mind 
would be going in a million directions of things things that needed to be cleaned, 
or stuff that needed to be done.Today, was a prime example of what that looks like... :)  

My priorities consisted of...
Working, getting all my Christmas decor taken down and put away,
 Unpacked my bags, Laundry washed and put away, dry cleaners, cleaning out the fridge, 
mopping the floors, making a big pot of  taco soup(which I portioned out and froze for quick meals), cleaned the bathroom and finally preset my coffeepot for the morning. Hahaha my life is anything but glamorous, most blogs I read their house seams soooo perfect
 and put together, It really is beyond me how families with children keep everything organized 
and cleaned....I am only one person and I always seam to have stuff that needs to get done! 


At the end of the day I shouldn't be thinking about the burden of work, 
but rather thankful that I am blessed enough to have STUFF to clean. 
I am thankful for being able to buy christmas decor, I am thankful for clothes to wash, 
somewhere cold to put my food, wooden floors to mop, delicious food to eat, 
a bathtub with hot water, and as much coffee as I want.....and many many other things....
even though it is ALOT of work and sometimes seams daunting for just myself, 

I'm thankful for the salt grinds.

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