Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Advocare: Day 1

I will start off saying that I am NOT a big fan of "dieting gimmicks". 
I never do anything that consists of me drinking shakes or crazy things like that because 
I feel like once you get off that certain diet you will gain the weight right back whenever you 
start eating normal food again, lets admit it we can't drink that nasty so called chocolate 
flavored drink for the rest of our lives. 

I've lost 26lbs so far of which I am very proud has been a slow weightloss with 
eating better and exercise  which I think is the healthiest way to loose weight.
 I still have 14lbs left to go and the last 14 I will say are not wanting to come off. Sooo  I had a friend tell me about advocare and their 10day cleanse which jumpstarts your healthier lifestyle! 
It consists of 3 things you take on a schedule for 10days, one is a fiber drink that you take some mornings in collaboration with your breakfast, than you have a multi vitamin you take before you go to bed, and lastly a probiotic you take some mornings. 

This has been day 1 of the cleanse and besides me having the flu on top of it....
 it actually hasn't been that bad!! 
Just mild headaches from my lack of coffee drinking, but i'm very excited to jumpstart 
my weightloss again and get this last 14 OFF for good! :) I weighed this morning and measured so 
I will post the results once the 10days are completed!! :) 

#24-being able to take off work
#26-Getting to see my new niece this past weekend...Eloise Claire 

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