Thursday, December 20, 2012

To start off....I had a good day at work, even though I got behind on my clients by 
30minutes and couldn't for the life of me catch up. OH WELL, one day of being late out of almost 4 years of doing hair...ISN'T too bad if you ask me. :) One of the things I love most about my job is 
talking to alllll kinds of people and hearing their's special to know that people trust me enough to tell me their life....and haircut after haircut getting to know them on a real relationship level. 
I'm defiantly thankful for a job that I LOVE. 

After, I got off work I went for a run across the lake, Temperature here in texas is UP and DOWN constantly, my run yesterday was 77degrees this time of night...and tonight it was 45degrees. I went from running in a tshirt, to a hoodie and earmuffs. haha at least i'm prepaired. 

After the run, my friend olivia and I went around 
town and admired all the christmas lights with christmas music blaring. I thought I was doing good with  my one string of lights on the front porch...TURNS out....people go CRAZYYYYY with lights around here! haha good thing I don't live in their neighborhood! 

Hope you enjoyed your night!!!!! :) 

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