Sunday, December 30, 2012


During this week of vacation I decided on one thing...
I was determined to learn how to knit! 
My mother is an EXCELLENT knitter, she has done hats and little 
sweaters for the I knew with my week off I wanted to pick up a new little hobby! 
Mom started me off with taking me to the knitting shop close to home, 
it was a CUTE little country house that they turned into a shop and it had 
a bunch of different yarn textures and colors, it was hard not to go crazy seeing all the pretty
things! I picked up my yarn and needles, than we headed to a Tea Room for lunch 
that was close by....It was SOOO delicious!
 We both ordered Peach tea, Quiche, and Artichoke Soup! 
It was nice to just be able to sit and chat,
 knowing that once we were finished we wouldn't have to clean up afterwords. :)  

I knew I wanted to start off making a hat,  I know people normally 
start off with making potholders(or so I have heard), but since I have been burned 
countless times by these "so called" potholders, I decided that a hat would be a better option. :) 
I found a pattern on the internet for a " Cable Slouch Hat", which is EXACTLY 
what I was wanting! What luck! 

I started off on my practice yarn getting the feel for knitting 
by doing a couple rows than started on in...  

Then I started in on my real project!
 After 2 1/2 balls of yarn,  3 nights, sore fingers and alot of help...
I finished my HAT! :) 

"Think of it this way, by learning to knit now
you'll be a pro by the age of 40...thats when people normally
start knitting." 

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