Monday, December 10, 2012


This year has been a whirl wind of events that have happened, 
one thing I have LOVED is moving into my little home on my own. 
I love decorating and making it "homey" and "cheery" for the holiday season. 
Since i'm on a budget this year I had to get crafty
 and think of things I already had around the house....

  Above: Merry Christmas Garland- made out of paper and yarn I already had, and free handed letters with a pen. :) 
Garland- Remains from the Christmas tree 
TinyTree- Bought on sale and with another coupon that totaled it to $11

 Above: Metal bin-some antique store in missouri, I cant remember the price. 
Pinecones and balls-Left overs :) 

 Above: Sled- Missouri shop $35 bucks, little steep but VERY worth it
Greenery- Tree trimmings 
Sign- A gift from a friends mom 
Wreath- Old wreath I had that I spray painted gold. 

 Above: Picture frame- I acquired this from a friend who no longer wanted it, I took the picture out and painted the back panel with chalk paint than freehanded the "Joy to the World" 

 Above: Tree- A FRESH christmas tree :) 
Garland-sheet music I cut up and taped together
Bows-peiece of burlap I made into bows 
Above: chandelier hanging- Silver balls and yarn I already had :)