Saturday, February 9, 2013

RECAP 2-9-13

Recap of the week!!! 
Alot alot alot has happened this week and I've been 
either super busy or else deathly ill, thus why I havn't gotten on here! :) 
I'll update you with a couple photos....

Babysitting my niece and nephews as we wait for their sweet little sister Eloise to
come into the world! :) 
Sweet Eloise Claire Arrived  
She will have longer fingers than her aunt by the time she's 2. :) 
The sickness sets in...THANKFULLY it waiting til I came back home 
and wasn't around all the babies. 
Advocare Lunch....Delicious :) 
I got a letter from my little girl that I sponsor..GREAT treat 
while I was sick!!! 


#28-the clean fresh smell of bleach 
#29-water bottles(sometimes its just easier) 

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