Thursday, February 21, 2013


Listening too: A Thousand Years- Christina Perri 
Craving: Cottage Cheese, haha weird I know, but I havn't had it in a LONG time 
Thinking about: All my little projects that I have been putting off....i'm looking forward to doing them, I just hate starting a job and not having enough free days in a row 
to finish it. :) 
Reading: Just the bible as of now...I have to order another biography to start in on. 
Wanting(not to be mistaken with needing):
New Raybans 
Feeling: Very content and happy, I really have been blessed with a wonderful life....I don't deserve anything I have. Very very greatful. 
"all I have need of his hand will provide
he's always been faithful to me." 
Wearing: Comfy tshirt and shorts
Anticipating: Summer!!!! Being able to be in the sun and water....shorts, messy hair, little makeup and grilling, 
I'm very very ready! 
Dreading: Waking up at 6am...mornings are not really my friend, a runby starbucks and multiple cups of coffee at home should make me civil. :) 

#36-meeting international friends 
#37-a scrubbing bubbles clean bathtub 
#38-enjoying the comforting sounds of a symphony  

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