Friday, August 2, 2013

Bits of Home-Living Room

Over the years of living of living on my own I have begun 
to acquire a bunch of little nicknacks and random objects
 which I have thrown together in hopes of it looking somewhat cohesive! I love the decor style to be clean and fresh, Alot of what is in my home is either from antique stores, thrift stores, things I have gotten for free or 
things I have paid a small amount of money for...then redid to fit my likeing. I don't think you need to spend ALOT 
of money to make a house look like a home. :)

Some of my favorite things. 
1.Owl painting done by my Grandpa Kroese.
2.Wooden Arrows given to me for christmas by my older sister(Ashley). 
3.Quilt...Found it while antiquing with my mom. 

#51-big glasses of ice water 
#52-airconditioning in the car
#53-fresh new canvas 

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