Monday, August 5, 2013

bits of home-kitchen/dining

This is a area of the house I spend ALOT of time....I love cooking for myself! 
I have so many people ask me how I can cook for just one person, SIMPLE you just make it work! 
Sometimes I will cook for two at night, then eat it the next day for lunch. Generally though I try to cook breakfast and supper..then for lunch just snack on whatever I have handy. I have pretty much gotten the proportions right for cooking for one, Its not hard just takes a little practice so you don't have food for an army left over in your kitchen...haha yes this has happened to me! 

As far as kitchen decor....It has the same feel as the living room. Just a fresh clean look! All the little knicknacks on the hutch I have collected from little antique shops mainly around Missouri. The little crystal chandelier pieces are some of my favorite things, My mom has picked them up from little shops in Missouri and around the east coast and has given them to me. Its so fun to have a unique little collection of something I cherish! One of my favorite spots in the house is probably the coffee area in the last picture, haha its not that glamorous but nothing makes me happier then my morning brew! 
Hope you enjoy the preview!! 


#56-pool days with my nieces and nephews 
#57-sweet potato fries 
#58-water bottles 


  1. Love these pics Bekka!!!! Looks amazing:)

  2. Such cute style! Do you know the name of the brown paint on your walls? I love it!